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Hello again! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen I’ve been in St. John with the fam. Before the trip, I was stressed about leaving, about taking time away. But now I see just how much good it does to take a step back every once in awhile. I feel relaxed, energized and ready to dive back into work.  I’m essentially “jonesing” to be creative -- to design and blog and just “make". It’s funny how sometimes all you need to be inspired in to simple live.  

So back to work I happily go, but not before sharing a few snapshots from our trip. Hoping May is off to a wonderful start for all of you!

St. John, USVI

St. John Favorites


Life Lately

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adding a bit of green to the mix

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pretty afternoon light in my bedroom

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currently: living in espadrilles

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leftover flowers from this photoshoot

I’ve missed blogging! I feel like I end up writing posts like this far too often (and hello, is anyone even reading anymore?) I’ve thought about giving up on the blog countless times, but I still love blogging so much, and like being able to look back at posts like these. So if you’re still here...Hi! How are you? Thank you for not giving up on my little corner of the world. You’re awesome. (Side note, I may not be posting here regularly, but I’ve always got time for good ‘ole Instagram.)’s what’s going on around here:

Being an aunt is the best. My sweet nephew is one month old today, and it’s been such a joy. My brother and sister-in-law are the cutest parents, and I love seeing my parent’s be grandparents.

I’ve got a new column in the works that I’m super excited to share. Lucky for you it involves people much cooler than me.

Lots of work going on...this site and shop launched on Monday and this website and blog launched this week, too. Oh, and this blog, this blog and this blog, too! It’s been busy around here, y’all.

I’m finding the whole #LillyforTarget thing quite entertaining. I’ve never been much of a Lilly fan, but certainly see why it’s popular, especially in the South. (So Southern Belle!) While the way it all went down isn’t a surprise, I am shocked that there might be people spending hundreds of dollars on the collection on Ebay. (Whoa!)

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I’ve got my eye on these. No pun intended.

And just like that, I want to wear watermelons

Trying this overnight hair mask. I’ll report back soon!